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Converse Does Bling December 6, 2008

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Sneakers have never gotten this fun. Chuck Taylor for Converse put out a new line of sequin and glitter kicks perfect for the holiday season and beyond! I love anything that sparkles, so I am so excited to open my pair from under the Christmas tree!

These are such an exciting way to make an outfit more interesting. The sequin pairs come in a variety of colors. The glitter styles come in silver and pink and two other colors.

Like always, shine on!



Love or hate ’em: Floor-length dresses December 2, 2008

The last time I, and probably many of you, wore a dress that hit the ankle was prom in high school. However, long dresses made a comeback this summer and are continuing their life cycle into this winter.

I don’t yet own a floor-length dress (also known as a “maxi” when they are casual), but I am considering buying one because I’ve seen so many beautiful options. I’ve been wary of them because I am short (5’2″!) and fear they’ll make me look even shorter. While I am still deciding if I’ll purchase one, I think that anyone who finds a long dress they like and feel comfortable in should definitely wear one. If you’re short, wear a heel that gives you a boost, and try to find cuts that are more form-fitting rather than loose to help maintain the appearance of height.

Nicole Ritchie is short, and she still looks fab!

Nicole Ritchie is short, and she still looks fab in this dress!

Here are some of my favorite floor-length dresses I spotted for this season:

  • Diane von Furstenberg could not have made a more beautiful black dress for a special evening out or black-tie event. (Make sure to zoom in to see the ribbing details!)
  • A more casual look by Lauren Conrad (that comes in purple!). Wear it with flats or flat boots for the daytime and throw on a big sweater over it for the ultra-casual look. Remove the sweater for night and slip on embellished flats or sandals with heels.
  • This dress is all-seasons friendly! You can get use out of it year-round with the right shoes. The print is flattering, classy and fun! Accessorize the dress with colorful jewelry and even with a belt! Remember the “no white after labor day” rule is out! I love this dress from Macy’s just as much!

Long dresses filled the runways at this year’s Fashion Week in New York. But, can anyone wear them? What do you think of this trend?


Poll of the day November 26, 2008

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A feel good quote November 23, 2008

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I’ve noticed I sometimes am more dressed up than other people I am with (except on the occasional plane ride). I guess it grew out of my love of fashion and my desire to express myself. But I’ve also sometimes, in certain situations, felt a bit uncomfortable about it…only until I read this quote:

“I am a great believer in overdressing. I’d rather enjoy what I have on than wear a dull uniform.”

I forgot who originally said it, but I cut it out of a magazine and taped it to the mirror I look into every morning. It helps remind me each day that fashion is an art form. Reading this quote makes me feel great because it solidifies my view of fashion. I hope it inspires you too!


Time to Shine November 20, 2008

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As the holiday season rolls around, nothing will make a bigger statement than metallic and sequins at the parties. Your holiday wardrobe can’t be complete without something shiny whether it’s on your feet or your arm.

Need some ideas before you begin shopping? Here are some sparkling pieces that caught my eye:

  • Vera Wang’s Metallic Lame Dress is one of my favorite dresses I’ve seen lately and would probably make all heads turn. I also love this one from BeBe.
  • Or consider this stripped dress by Myne for a more casual, youthful look.
  • Aldo has a large selection of metallic shoes to choose from year-round, but these sequin dress sandals scream holiday-gleam. Just make sure you don’t pair these (or any other sequin-embellished shoes) with other sequin pieces (like the leggings below). Wear them with a dress, skirt or pants with minimal shine.
  • Want only a touch of sparkle for your holiday outfit? Add a fun bracelet like a bow cuff or a bag like this Express zebra print clutch or this BCBG satin wristlet. Any jewelry or purses with bows is trendy and cute for this season!
  • If you’re looking to take sequins and shine to the next level, check out these sequin leggings by Alexander McQueen. They’re rock-star fabulous and uptown classy at the same time! If you do something this bold, don’t wear anything else shiny except for small jewelry. Express sells similar leggings for less!

Sparkle and shine is in every year for the holidays, but this season the options are more exciting and sexy than ever. Keep one rule in mind: avoid looking like you should be hanging from the Christmas tree instead of being a guest at the party by limiting your sparkle to a couple items or a few small accessories!



Python: the new neutral November 1, 2008

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Looking for a way to make your usual black outfit more exciting? Try replacing your usual neutrals with snakeskin. You can find python patterns on anything from sunglasses to entire dresses, so, depending on your courage, you can add a lot or a little snakeskin to your outfit.

The best part about this print is it is easy to match because it looks great with black, brown, white and any other solid color if the python is dyed a bright color that you can match with another piece of clothing.

If you’re nervous to wear such a “slithering” animal print, I think the safest way to start is with a pair of shoes, a bag, a bracelet or a belt. These closed-toe heels from Steve Madden would look stylish with black skinny jeans and almost any solid color top or any solid color dress with black tights. Try this clutch with a subtle python print that goes with other patterns.

Snakeskin is a great way to spice up a boring outfit for even those people who don’t consider themselves style-forward. It’s so easy!


Carrie Underwood was spotted with a French designer Gerard Darel Redux Python bag in gold. Stunning even for shopping during the day! Other celebs that carry this bag are Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and more.

Carrie Underwood was spotted with a python bag by French designer Gerard Darel. Stunning even for shopping during the day! Other celebs that carry this bag are Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and others.


Which kind of boots will you rock? October 9, 2008

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Mischa Barton looking comfortable, casual and cute in high boots with fringe!

Mischa Barton looking comfortable, casual and cute in high boots with fringe!

Riding boots. Suede with fringe. Over-the-knee. Never have there been so many kinds of boots from which to choose. Any boots this season look great over leggings or skinny jeans, so invest in a pair or two that you will wear all the time. The best part about boots is that they instantly make an outfit stylish and complete no matter what else you have on. See the photo of Mischa Barton above? Without those boots, her plain t-shirt and skirt would look completely drab.

If you feel inspired by a Bohemian-style look, try suede boots with fringe in any length from ankle to over-the-knee. These boots, that were also in style last season, typically come in black and brown shades. Check out this pair by Jeffrey Campbell if you like an ankle-length, moccasin style. My favorite part about these is the studs that make the boot unique. If you want a sexy look for night, you can’t go wrong with these by Michael Kors.

Riding-style boots usually come in a calf or knee-high length and are an instant way to dress up an outfit, for the day or night. My roommate has this leather pair by Cole Haan and loves them. She wears them during the day for a classic, sophisticated look. They would also work great for work with a skirt that hits the knees or for nighttime if you feel like skipping your heels.

Looking for a dramatic look? You may want over-the-knee boots. This pair from Chinese Laundry is my favorite, and what I wear almost every day. You can wear them high or fold them down for a scrunched style. I love the versatility of these boots, and they come in suede as well as leather. I wear these boots at day and night with leggings or tights and with a tunic or dress.

With so many options of boots, you can find a style that suits you. I only chose three of my favorite styles to look at, but maybe combat boots, ankle booties or “boots with the furrrr” are what you’re looking for instead. And if you’re still into the oh-so-comfy UGG boot, there’s a large variety of colors and patterns to choose from these days.


Become Royalty: Wear Purple October 1, 2008

Purple is THE color this season! It’s vibrant, exciting and looks great on everyone (whether you have blond, red, brown or black hair)! Flip through any fall fashion magazine or walk into any store to see the hottest trends in all shades of purple.

See Rock & Republic’s line at NY Fashion Week 2008.

After being in hibernation for a couple years, purple’s big return was confirmed for me in last night’s episode of Gossip Girls. Lillian Van der Woodsen wore a silky purple blouse in one scene and a purple dress in a later scene. (The episode was coincidentally about New York Fashion Week.) I’m excited to watch the rest of this season’s episodes for more purple appearances on all the characters!

You will find anything and everything in purple from jackets to shoes to tights in all types of fabrics from suede to silk. Solid purple is great; purple prints are even better. Make sure you have at least one purple item in your closet this season!

Here’s a selection of some of my favorite purple pieces of the season:

  • I can’t get enough of this watercolor-print tunic from Macy’s. I wear it during the day with leggings, a belt, a sweater and flats and at night with just leggings and high heel boots. It’s versatile, pretty and flattering!
  • Be daring with your shoe color and check out these Jeffrey Campbell suede pumps in purple. My roommate has them and they look beautiful with skinny jeans. If you want a more dramatic look, try these high boots by Diane von Furstenberg. And for a day-time or night-time look, you can’t go wrong with the Suede Reva Tory Burch flats in deep purple or Bordeaux.
  • This leather Bomber jacket in Berry w/ Black makes a bold statement with a classic twist. It’s the perfect jacket to make a black outfit more interesting for day or night! Try it over a black dress with tights and boots or over black jeans and a t-shirt. This less expensive purple bomber jacket from BeBe creates the same fabulous look.
  • Add a splash of color to an all-black outfit with tights from American Apparel in plum.
  • A bag is one of the easiest and safest ways to add color to an outfit without actually wearing it. This patent tote in amethyst is an eye-catching day-bag with lots of room. Perfect for lunch dates and errands!
  • Want a subtle addition of purple? Choose a piece of jewelry like this cuff shell bracelet.

The possibilities are endless, so indulge in purple now!

Michael Kors integrates beautiful shades of purple into his line during Fashion Week 2008

Michael Kors integrates elegant shades of purple into his line during Fashion Week 2008.